Welcome on the site of Guy Schaeffer for an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).

I'm a former member of the Luxembourgh association for UBI.
This association doesn't exist any more.

You can contact me via Grondakommes(at)gmail.com or info(at)Grondakommes.lu or Guy.Schaeffer(at)gmail.com

Recommended Internet sites


You find an interesting site on Basic Income on http://ubie.org/
It's the site of Unconditional Basic Income Europe.


Please support

this new (September 2020) European Citizens Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income
this new (March 2020) European petition for an unconditional basic income
this new (December 2020) European petition to test an unconditional basic income
  the AVAAZ Petition

Arguments for Unconditional Basic Income

Recommended link

Interesting article on http://www.businessinsider.fr  A village in Kenya is quietly disproving the biggest myth about basic income

European Citizens' Initiative already closed but the proposals remain interesting
The fast, fair and effective solution to climate change.
... All the money collected is returned fairly every month to citizens as a dividend. ...
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